1. tail lights and dust
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tail lights and dust

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people like to talk in this town
they don't mind running your name down
the truth don't really matter
long as the stories good
they'll kick you while your down
they'll cut you like your wood

They'll stab you in the back in this her town
make your head spin round and round
they don't care about justice
just as long as someone pays
they'll take a sip of whiskey and talk about your wicked ways

c. so i'm packing up my bags
i'll be out of here by dawn
i can't change the past so it's best that i move on
don't come looking for me
i'm headed anywhere else or bust
and all you'd see thats left of me
is tell lights and a cloud of dust

she says she don't love me anymore
i used to sweep her feet right off the floor
she says that we are over
there's nothing else i can do
but i sure don't have to stay here with these memories of you


b. i'm leaving this world behind me
don't come knocking on my door
i don't let the past define me
i don't live there anymore