1. heartland
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i could have fallen for you california
just to be a little closer to all them stars
but i can't afford your california
I'd probably just be broke and living in my car

i could have headed up the coast to portland
but i ran out of money and short of time
so i never got to see you portland
and i guess i'll never know if i could have made you mind

I'm headed east back to Oklahoma
where the waving wheat beckons me home
and the scissor tail flies over the meadow
where they say the wild buffalo once roamed
the dirt it is red here in the heartland
the skies blue and the clouds are painted white
now i lay me down to sleep here on the prairie
under a blanket of stars every night

i once fell in love with carolina
it didn't last it was just a summer fling
but oh i can't forget you carolina
i think about you when it's raining in the spring

oh i can't forget you sweet boston
i almost succumbed to your charm
but the winters are to cold for me in boston
and i pray that you keep yourself warm