1. conway twitty
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conway twitty

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i aint always been perfect
no i’ve sinned in my time
i said too many cuss words and i drank too much wine
that’s my middle name
i used to love em and leave em
like i was playing a game

then i saw you in a honkey tonk
drinking beer and shooting pool
right then and there i was head over heals
like some old love sick fool
i walked up to you but i couldn’t speak
the cat it had my tongue
you just smiled and gave me a wink
you said what’s the matter son

(then i cleared my throat and i said)
c. I’ll be your conway twitty
you’ll be my loretta lynn
i’ll put on a rhinestone jacket
you’ll wear a cotton picking grin
and we’ll go out two stepping
and i’ll twirl ya too and fro
then we’ll ride off into the sunset
hi ho silver away we go

i’m the bonefied black sheep of my family
and you’re the better half of the half of the man i ought to be
we go together like an old hard wood dance floor
your love it must be money
cause i’m always wanting more

most of the time we get along
but every now and again we fight
most of the time i’ll admit i’m wrong
but every no and again i’m right
either way well we make up before the night is through
ain’t no sense in being mad we got better things to do