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you been running like the devil
from the ghosts of your past
living life too hard
and way to fast

trying to drown your heartache
at the bottom of a bottle
trying to fill up on whiskey
but it leaves you hallow

chasin all kinds of women
in and out of your bed
they try to warm your heart
but its as cold as lead

takin too many pills
to try and ease the pain
but you find that nothing
will take that hurting from your veins

and that preacher don't need to tell me
all the things that I've done wrong
i can hear the angles singing
their salvation song

you gotta face the music whether you run or whether you stay
the makers gonna find you on judgment day
you gotta face the music don't ya know that life is slipping away
and if your gonna live like the devil beware there's hell to pay

my momma spent nights
down on her knees
begging the lord to spare my soul if he would please
and i spend nights running from bar to bar
but i found mommas prayers will find you where you are