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tears in Texas

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she pulled out of Austin around 3 am
she just packed enough to get back on her feet again
she was headed just as far as this old car would go
and oh she couldn't stop crying driving down the road

in a couple of hours he'd find the note she left behind
she said i'll always love you but you've hurt me the last time
you can have my ring and everything
i'm walking away
and all the gold in california couldn't get her to stay

it's raining tears in Texas
they're pouring from her eyes
he swears that he's gonna change
well she's heard all his lies
now her dreams are shattered and their scattered
and tossed to the wind
it's raining tears in texas
and her hearts breaking

just outside of Dallas she almost turned around
but that shiner in the rear view mirror
made her keep the peddle down
she wondered if she had the strength to do it on her own
she closed her eyes and said a prayer
headed off to the unknown

shy of the red river she got out of her car
she didn't dare look back
she'd come way to far
she couldn't see the future
but she had no fear
she said goodbye to texas
then she cried her last tears