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cradle to the grave

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i was told when i was young
that there's more to life
than working for a living
than just nine to five

they say money
don't grow up on no trees
and you can't make no honey
if you ain't got no bees

they say a fool and his money
well they often go astray
and if the sun is shining
well that's when you make your hay

happiness can't be bought
and it can't be sold
and a good hearted woman's
worth her weight in gold

I wasn't born with no silver spoon in my mouth
i'm just a poor country boy from the south
i worked hard for every dollar that i made
and i done all my living between the cradle and the grave

i heard where your treasure is
well that's where your heart will be
locked up in a bank or lost out at sea
maybe here on earth or in heaven up above
and i heard that the greatest treasure was love

opportunity knocks once so you'd better not think twice
make sure it's worth the tears all the blood and sacrifice
don't forget the ones who loved you all along the way
they're the only that matters at the end of every day

always reach down to help one another
yeah he ain't heavy no he's your brother
always try and lend a helping hand
you know the devil hates a God fearing man