Born in the heart of Cherokee county we embrace our Americana roots. Our songs are inspired by the joys and heartaches, the love and loss, life and death we have experienced. We embrace the heritage of legendary singer songwriters and acknowledge a time when songs were well written and told a story. Our aim is to touch the soul of the listener and for a moment ease the suffering and pain of life and encourage each other in the struggles of life...


building Rome... 

As the saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day.  So is the slow process of our growth. Each new fan, listener and venue a brick, a stone or a beam in a tower spiraling toward the sky. Songs gradually taking form from a novel idea into a metaphorical city built of notes, sounds and words.
Early fall finds us hustling between gigs, performing for charities, recording and interviewing.  We have been to Cushing to interview with KUSH radio.  We have been to red dirt nation across from the historic Cain's to…Read more


Music is like life.  We struggle to achieve some idealistic plateau of perfection in our lives while we are mired in a flawed state of imperfection that is insurmountable.  Likewise music as an art form attempts to blend an exact combination of words into meter and rhyme with a tempo and melody that excels into a state of undeniable greatness.  The end result is always however imperfection.
As an artist and a human, I tend to view my shortcomings in this regard as weakness.  I question my ability to not be…Read more

inches and miles 

Always moving forward, sometimes in inches and sometimes in miles.  Occasionally faltering backward or stopping dead in our tracks but eventually resuming the journey.  We are not where we want to be but we are further than we have been before.  Chasing dreams, building schemes and trying to get a bite of that pie in the sky.  We write songs, play music, perform and repeat.  Old tunes are beloved while new tunes are desired.  One more brick in the wall, one more mile behind us, one more fan, one more stream…Read more

Texas music blog 

Thanks to Cody Starr and Texas Music Blog for a great write up:

Scissor Tail is the debut album released in 2014 from DocFell & Co, lead by doctor by day/Red Dirt singer-songwriter by night, John Fell. Although they hail from Tahlequah, Oklahoma a lot of the music off Scissor Tail has a Texas honkytonk quality to it. Lots of fiddle and steel and good beats for 2-steppin’. You can fly across the dance floor with “I Do” and “Sweet Sugar Momma” or bust out your slow waltzing skills with “Pearl Snaps” and…

Read more

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cracking mirrors since 2011

cracking mirrors since 2011


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