Born in the heart of Cherokee county we embrace our Americana roots. Our songs are inspired by the joys and heartaches, the love and loss, life and death we have experienced. We embrace the heritage of legendary singer songwriters and acknowledge a time when songs were well written and told a story. Our aim is to touch the soul of the listener and for a moment ease the suffering and pain of life and encourage each other in the struggles of life...


Dust Bowl Heart 

Our new album is in the works and will be called Dust bowl heart.   Once again we are recording at Monotone Studios with Aaron Pack producing and engineering the process.  The evolution of our songwriting and our experience since recording Scissor Tail has already started producing dividends in the studio with a blend of songs that will raise the bar from our debut release.  The ten tracks will be reflective of a Shakespearian tragedy telling the story of a blooming romance that withers and dies.  The title…Read more

Bound for failure 

I was complimented recently by a comment that my songs were interesting short stories.  I was glad to hear this as I had always approached song writing like composing a piece of literature.   Verses like chapters building to a conclusion, with the chorus weaving in and out tying together all the loose strings.  The challenge of trying to maintain meter and rhyme, while avoiding clichés or being overly predictable.  All the time trying to effectively build a story line, using sparse wording and vague…Read more

americana music show interview... 

Big thank you to Calvin Powers and the americana music show for a great interview and continuing to introduce new music to us all.  please take a moment to listen to the latest podcast and be sure to sign up for future episodes as well. 

much love,


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cracking mirrors since 2011


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